Đèn Ring led beauty YONGNUO 308C - Tặng nguồn Adapter

Đèn Ring led beauty YONGNUO 308C - Tặng nguồn Adapter

Đèn Ring led beauty YONGNUO 308C - Tặng nguồn Adapter - 5454119 Yêu thích

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Đèn Ring LED chính hãng Yongnuo 308 remote control, 

Bảo hành 12 tháng. 

Tặng kèm adapter nguồn 8V5A (hiệu điện thế và cường độ dòng điện theo đúng yêu cầu, cho đèn độ sáng tối ưu) 

Có thể sử dụng nguồn cấp điện từ 2 pin F970, F770 (sản phẩm không bao gồm pin)

Yongnuo YN-308C LED Bi-Color Video Ring Light (3200-5500K) 

Yongnuo YN-308C Overview

The YN-308C LED Bi-Color Video Ring Light from Yongnuo features a distinctive-shaped light fixture with a variable color temperature output from 3200 to 5500K. The fixture comes with a special grip handle for hand-holding for a very soft, slightly directional look. You can also mount it to a grip head or light stand and shoot through it for a silky smooth near-shadowless effect that is flattering to your talent's complexion. A bonus is the unique circular shape pf the light that is reflected in the eyes of your subject.

The included remote control allows for quick lighting adjustments from a distance. For convenience on larger setups, up to eight YN-308C lights can be controlled with the RC. The fixture can be powered using an AC adapter (not included), or by two Sony NP-F750 series batteries. Please note that a single battery only powers half of the LEDs, full functionality requires either an AC adapter or two NP-F batteries (not included). Included with the light is the removable handle and a storage pouch.

154 daylight-balanced (5500K) LEDs and 154 tungsten-balanced (3200K) LEDs produce a soft, flattering light
21" diameter ring provides a large source that can be used to create a circular light pattern in your subject's eyes
Power using two Sony NP-F750 series batteries or via an optional AC adapter (not included)
Each battery powers half of the fixture's LEDs, requiring two batteries to fully power the unit
Control the color temperature and brightness of up to eight units with the included remote control, which features a coarse (adjust by 10%) and fine (adjust by 1%) control setting
Plugging the remote control into the included slot on the fixture allows the remote to display remaining power in each battery
A contoured handle and storage pouch are included


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